How does the 50-50 Charity Raffle work?

The 50-50 Charity Raffle is a raffle held during a single day at a particular event. Tickets are sold to patrons throughout the stadium during the event by roaming staff equipped with handheld electronic mobile devices. The gross proceeds of 50-50 tickets sold at the event go into a prize pool. 50% of the prize pool will go to the winner of the random draw which occurs towards the end of the event. The remaining 50% will be set aside for a charitable purpose chosen by the sporting club. Every ticket transaction is electronically recorded and updated on the mobile devices, on the 50-50 website and if possible, on the various screens at the ground so participants can monitor the draw and the funds raised in real time.

What are the prize values?

Each State or Territory is slightly different in how prize values are calculated.


50-50 guarantees the greater of; a minimum prize of a fixed amount of cash at each game or 50% of the gross ticket sales. The winner will receive the prize in cash (to a maximum value of $100,000). The trustee of 50-50 will determine the minimum fixed prize amount prior to each event at which the 50-50 system is used, taking into account the number of anticipated attendees at that event. The minimum prize for each event will then be published on each 50-50 ticket for that event.

If the guaranteed fixed prize is $10,001 cash and $50,000 worth of tickets are sold, the winner of the draw will receive $25,000. The remaining $25,000 will be used by the 50-50 Foundation which is a registered Charity and distributed to the charitable purpose chosen by the sporting club. If the guaranteed fixed prize is $10,001 cash and only $18,000 worth of tickets are sold the winner will still receive $10,001 and the remainder will be distributed by the 50-50 Foundation for the charitable purpose.


The winner will receive 50% of the gross proceeds in cash (to a maximum value of $30,000 cash)

South Australia

The winners will receive 50% of the gross proceeds in cash (to a maximum value of $5,000 cash)

How is the draw conducted?

Draws are conducted under the relevant State and Territory based licensing regulations by way of a random draw.

A 50-50 official who is not a ticket holder is responsible for the conduct and supervision of the draw. 50-50 Foundation has been granted approval of the Random Number Generator (RNG) and associated program under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 (Qld).

Software Approval Number: 112202
Software Version Number: 1.0
RNG Version Number: 2.3.2


Who are you regulated by?

Each State or Territory have their own licence regualtions.


The legislation governing the conduct of the 50-50 draw is the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999, the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Regulation 1999 and the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Rule 2010. Licence number 158466 as issued by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.


50-50 Foundation must comply with the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 (NSW) and Art Unions Regulation 2014.

50-50 has an authority to fundraise under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991. Charitable Fundraising Number: CFN/24414

South Australia

50-50 Foundation must comply with the minor lottery regulations as per the Charity Act of 1936 (South Australia) and the Office of Business Services, SA.

How are the winners notified?

The winning ticket number will also be displayed on our website and on various forms of social media following the draw.  If possible the the winning ticket number will be announced by loudspeaker and displayed on the events screen/s.

What if the draw fails?

If the draw is not able to be completed by the end of the particular event 50-50 will do everything it can to make sure the draw is done as soon as practical following the event. If possible 50-50 will then announce and publish the winning ticket number via its normal means. If a failure does occur please hold onto your ticket, be sure to check our website, follow us on social media or contact us via the details provided on this website. If for any reason any aspect of the competition is not capable of running as planned, including by reason of computer virus, telephone network failure, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any cause beyond the control of 50-50, 50-50 may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, or invalidate any affected entries, subject to the approval of the relevant authorities in each relevant State, if required.

What is the price of tickets?

As at April 2017 the cost of tickets is:

  • 3 chances for $5;
  • 7 chances for $10;
  • 16 chances for $20; and
  • 45 chances for $50.
  • 100 chances for $100

What are the odds of winning?

Your odds of winning the prize money is directly related to the number of chances sold in each draw. If 45,000 tickets are sold and you have spent $5 and received 3 chances, the odds of winning are 1:15,000. As the draw increases in value throughout the event, your chances of winning decrease although the prize value increases.

Who do I contact if I win?

If you are the lucky winner please email the 50-50 Team via or call 1800 005 100 during business hours.

What if I lose my ticket?

You are required to present your ticket to collect the prize so it is important you keep it in a safe place. Please check your ticket as soon as you purchase it and ask one of our friendly volunteers if you have any questions.

What if the prize is not claimed?


The period for claiming the prize is three years from the day the prize winner is declared. If the prize is not claimed within one year we may apply the proceeds to the Foundation’s purposes.


The period for claiming the prize is 90 days from the day the prize winner is declared.  If the prize is not claimed within 90 days we may apply the proceeds to the Foundation’s purposes.


The period for claiming the prize is 90 days from the day the prize winner is declared.  If the prize is not claimed within 90 days we may apply to have the proceeds returned to the Foundation’s purposes as per the Office of Business Services, SA.

Do the raffle sellers receive a commission?

No commissions are paid. Our friendly raffle sellers are giving their time on a voluntary basis. We may occasionally offer small non-cash prizes to create an experience and encourage some friendly competition amongst our volunteers. We operate with a small number of regular paid staff working (including game day coordinators) to ensure the day runs smoothly. Also our partner organisations may also choose to pay some staff.

How can I volunteer to assist with the 50-50 Charity Raffle?

Offers to volunteer are most welcome. 50-50 volunteers must possess excellent social and managerial skills and perform the role efficiently, responsibly and with integrity. They are committed to social causes and community involvement and potentially keen sports followers. Our volunteer program is competitive but we encourage anyone interested to apply by contacting our participating beneficiary charities directly. Details can be found on our Charities Page  You can also contact the sporting club directly.

Would it be better for the charity if I donated money directly?

The 50-50 Charity Raffle is a fun way to raise funds and awareness for a charitable cause or community project, at the same time providing a fun and engaging experience for the public. 50% of the funds raised will go to the winning ticket holder. If you want to give money to the charitable cause as a tax deductible donation, we encourage you to contact the charity directly as they will receive a greater amount from this form of donation.

Is the purchasing of tickets tax deductible?

Under current Australian Government taxation legislation, the purchase of 50-50 Foundation tickets are classed as Art Union tickets and therefore not tax deductible.

How much does it cost to run the 50-50 Charity Raffle?

Some of the costs of running the 50-50 Charity Raffle include the following:

  • Technology costs
  • Volunteering costs such as staff amenities, food and uniforms
  • Promotional and advertising expenses
  • Ticket paper
  • Licence and Government fees
  • Software and Hardware
  • Insurance

We aim to be best in class in fundraising efficiency.

The 50-50 Foundation is a charitable organisation, and aims to keep its expenses as low as possible so the maximum possible funds can be applied to charitable purposes.

Our concept is designed so the more funds we raise, the more is given to both the winners and the charitable causes or community programs. We have had many corporate partners provide pro bono services to us over the years and the Directors of the 50-50 Foundation also perform their role on a pro bono basis.

How does 50-50 fund their administration costs?

The Foundation has received very generous support from both individuals and corporates since 2012 and will continue to leverage these relationships to ensure it operates efficiently and to enable more funds to go to good causes.  Support via donations and/or pro-bono services has been provided by companies such as Macquarie Group, Premium Funding, PWC, McCullough Robertson, Tatts Group, Bank of Queensland, Follow, Evoke Communications, Creative Intersection, Trident Property Group, Apollo Property Group and Preston Accounting and we are forever grateful for this.

The Foundation does not profit from fundraising like many organisations in the market.  We operate like a social enterprise and our aim is to be self-sustaining.  To do this we might charge the eligible beneficiary, the sporting organisation, or one of their sponsors, a small administration fee. E.g If we raise $5,000 and our admin fee is 10% the winner receives $2,500 and the charity receives $2,500.  The 10% admin fee is either paid by the club or a club sponsor or deducted from the charitable component.

Our efficiencies cannot be matched and why we are the ultimate partner across all sporting codes. To quote the CFO of a leading AFL team in March 2017 “This is music to my ears, I just cant see any downside to this”.

Are you raising money for Sporting Organisations?

No, whilst sporting purposes in their own right are not charitable there are a number of categories in the context of sport that are understood to define a charitable purpose as they have a public benefit. They could involve the following activities; Junior Sport, Indigenous Activities, Rural and Remote regions, Infrastructure and Arts & Culture. As a registered charity the 50-50 Foundation will ensure that the proceeds will go towards a charitable purpose and have strict procedures to ensure the transparency of where the funds are directed.

How do I contact the organisation?

Winners Hotline: 1800 005 110

General –
Twitter – @5050draw
Facebook –
Instagram – @5050draw